Early in the season, when I saw Ty Montgomery in the backfield as a running back,  I was very skeptical. The offense was struggling. The pinpoint accurate, future hall of fame quarterback was unsure of himself in the pocket, and at times looked lost.  Eddie Lacy seemed to be the only part of the offense that was effective, so it was confusing to see the coaching staff continue to let a wide receiver get carries at running back.

With Eddie Lacy on injured reserved, suddenly Aaron Rodgers looks like his old MVP self.  The Packers have reverted back to a pass first, run second team, and the offense is rejuvenated.  Spreading out the opponents defense with 4 and 5 wide receiver sets, the offense has become less predictable. One reason for that is Ty Montgomery’s versatility.

Eddie Lacy is a good running back, but he doesn’t fit the Packers scheme. He slows down the offense.  The coaching staff feels obligated to give him the ball 20-25 times a game, because that is the only way his running style is effective.

Montgomery however is almost a perfect fit. He has the ability to run between the tackles, catch out of the backfield, and line up at wide receiver.  He also has the speed to take it the distance.

On Sunday, Ty gashed the Bears for 162 yards on 16 carries.  He added a very impressive 60 yard run. Coach Mike McCarthy said Montgomery hasn’t been to a wide receivers meeting in months. That means #88 is officially a running back, and just what the Packers needed.

All he needs to do now is change his number.